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About Us

Company Information

Ledcraft Technology

Ledcraft Technology has given importance to R&D studies in line with the needs of the age with the developing technology thanks to its knowledge and experience since 1982 and has continued every business with the excitement of the first day. It has increased its products and services with its corporate business partnership by providing solutions in LED screens and professional LED lighting projects and producing all kinds of infrastructure that will meet the needs of customers.

Our Mission

Company Mission: "As one of the sought-after names in the sector with reliable and honest working principles, we have the mission of achieving the most perfect result by fulfilling all the projects with quality, trouble-free and timely, with the awareness of producing structures that will serve the society for generations. We always operate to produce the most perfect, down to the details.”

Our Vision

It is an electronics company that aims to be a pioneer in its field in Turkey by blending our products and equipment with advanced technology support. By closely following all the developments in the field of Led Panel and Led Display, it has always adapted to the developing technology with full capacity and aims to satisfy its customers with the right products.


Ledcraft Technology aims to be an electronics company that deeply perceives the expectations and dreams of its customers and continuously improves all its products and processes in the value chain accordingly.


Ledcraft Technology designs, manufactures and sells all products within its own production limits.